Swimming Injury Rehab Oakleigh

Swimming Injury Rehab Oakleigh

There is no doubt that rehab can be good for your body, so if you need swimming injury rehab in Oakleigh don’t hesitate to contact Point 2 Point Physiotherapy. It helps strengthen muscles and ligaments, improves your cardiovascular fitness, and serves as a safe and effective workout, all while gently supporting your body, particularly injured areas.

What makes swimming injury treatment such a wonderful medium for rehabilitation?

Well, according to our team of swimming injury physiotherapists, buoyancy plays a vital role here.

You see, water helps keep your body afloat, but also provides resistance that will make certain movements more challenging. The buoyancy of the water helps support your body weight, taking the pressure off joints. This makes swimming and other water-based activities good choices for people who have suffered knee injuries, for example. It can be a safe and comfortable exercise for people with back pain and similar issues.

Exercising in water is easier on your body than exercising on land because you have a lesser chance of falling, stumbling, or otherwise putting yourself at risk of injury. For that reason, swimming and other water activities tend to be safe options for most people. Our team offers well-thought-out strength training exercises for swimmers to better help with recovery.

Why Choose Us?

The foundation of Point 2 Point Physiotherapy was based on our founder’s pursuit of understanding the human body and learning how to best treat injuries so that they could go back to doing what they love most which, in this case, his was swimming.

Loving the water since he was young boy, swimming has played an integral role in his development into the strong man that he is today and his calling as a truly caring, passionate, and dedicated physiotherapist. Thus, it would only make sense for him to pursue and develop treatments that would use the water and swimming as a foundation.

Since then, we have helped a multitude of people recover from injuries as well as surgeries through practical yet highly effective swimming therapies that are specifically designed and created to meet your body’s needs at any given time during your journey towards achieving optimal health, performance, and well-being.

If you are trying to recover from injury but your body cannot stand the stresses of usual physical therapy, then swimming treatments with our Point 2 Point team may be the best option for you. Call 03 9078 7287 today!


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