Swimming Screening Monbulk

Swimming Screening Monbulk

Point 2 Point Physiotherapy offers swimming screening in Monbulk. Our swim screening treatments allow for the accurate measurement of the mechanics required to swim.  Swimmers are usually exposed to high loads and therefore inadequate biomechanics can lead to overload-type injuries particularly involving the shoulder girdle, cervical spine, lumbar spine, as well as, hip and knee complex.

With experience, expertise, and a particular interest in treating swimmers, our swimming screening specialists under the leadership of our founder, aim to reduce the risk of injury, as well as, increase the swimming performance of our clients.

With accurate musculoskeletal screening examination and tests of strength related to the shoulder complex and rotator cuff, as well as, joint range of motion involving the shoulder girdle, cervical and thoracic spine, hip knee, and ankle complex we identify swimmers that are at a higher risk of injury.  Furthermore, we aim to improve mechanical position to generate power and reduce drag through the water to improve performance.

Why Choose Us?

At Point 2 Point Physiotherapy, we have vast experience in helping swimmers achieve peak performance. With our founder being a competitive swimmer in the past who has dealt with injuries, we have a deep understanding of how to help improve performance while preventing harm.

We have developed a practical yet highly effective screening and assessment tool to get the most out of our patients. This can be applied to competitive swimmers, those just swimming for fitness ,and everything in between. It includes pool swimming, ocean water swimming, and triathletes.

If you are having trouble with your swimming or if you are struggling with a persistent shoulder niggle or the like, then get in touch with our Point 2 Point team. Call 03 9078 7287 today!


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